Sestak Remembered

Are we really that quick to forget?
How long ago was it that the furor rose over Ex-Admiral/current Congressman Sestak was being offered a Federal Job by the Obama Administration to quit his race for  Senate?

It was never settled but the Obama Administration after conspiring with Sestak’s Brother came up with this story:  Ex-Prsesidnet Clinton called Sestak and offered him a non-paying job to not run for Senate.  Two Problems arise with this story.  It contradicts what Sestak has already said., and two, Clinton denies calling Sestak!  Yet we move on?     Why?  Ex-Impeached President Clinton denied that he called Sestak.  Sestak said Clinton called him. Who is lying?

Let’s have some fun and find out!

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Save the Germans but not ourselves?

At the end of WWII, FDR/Truman Gifted half of Europe to the Red Plague of Communism. Berlin Germany was divided between East(Fear, Communists & Poverty) and West(Freedom, Capitalists & Eventual Prosperity).   Had it not been for the heroic efforts of the Allies, all of Berlin, a generation of millions of people, would have suffered under Communism.  The Berlin Airlift delivered millions of pounds of food to the West Germans saving them from starvation and Communism. Who saved these Germans?
Why Americans of course.  Why did our parents and grandparents feel the need to save wicked Germans after they had just killed millions of people by starting WWII(in conjunction with Communist Russia) and slaughtering defenseless Jews, Catholics and Gypsies?  Firstly, because we were and are a Christian People and secondly, Communism is a blackness never to be tolerated for any human being. Why then do we now tolerate our President using the backdoor of his office to install Communism for us?
We need a Berlin Airlift for America.  Who will send in the planes for us?  Calling Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska to send in the planes, rescue our economy and STOP the Red Plague!  Alaska used to have a great Governor who stood up to treachery within her own party, she must lead the airlift of freedom for America.
Do any of us trust anyone else?
Beck can lead a Division, or maybe he can replace the great Sen. McCarthy’s efforts to rid our government of  dirty Reds.  Newt could outline the strategy for reducing our Government.  We can all fly a plane.  They can help the Governor, but she must be in charge of the Airlift.   Forget Berlin, Let’s free America!
Communism is so bad we spent a generation fighting it. We let down our guard and now Obama the Traitor is engaging a Communist Takeover behind our very eyes with a Complicit Media. How do we stop them?
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A Fully Engaged Betrayal

On April 21st an oil well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico miles from America’s shore, it was and is the beginning of an environmental and economic disaster.  From day one, the Obama Administration claims, their Administration has been fully engaged in stopping the millions of gallons of oil from being released into the Gulf of Mexico.  Taken at their word, which in and of itself is hard to do, some worrisome facts come to mind.  We could start with the float trip down the Grand Canyon taken one day AFTER the explosion occurred, enjoyed by one of Obama’s top Environmental Directors and his wife.  They say they spent their own money, thank goodness!  We will take them at their word on that.  Was the Grand Canyon water clear of any oil slicks?  Another worrisome detail, ALL of the events the Obama’s have enjoyed the past 70 days, concerts, political fundraisers, and of course, the President’s multiple golf outings.  How the President with two wars under way, an International Financial crisis, 10% unemployment, an illegal immigration nightmare  and an ecological disaster of Biblical proportion occurring manages more golf outings than say, a Bartender, is astounding when you really stop to think about it.

So since the beginning of this ecological disaster, over 70 days, the Obama Administration declares they have done everything possible, including receiving a commitment from British Petroleum of $20,000,000,000 for economic restitution.  It sounds more like British Petroleum is fully engaged.  However, there is one very disturbing fundamental fact that has been recently brought to light, although there have been murmurs of it for weeks.   This FACT defies all emotion and logic and must bring tears to every American’s eyes.  If it does not, than truly you are not listening to what has occurred.  We are bombarded with information, please take a moment and process what has occurred.

For 70 Days, with an open wound bleeding oil into the Gulf of Mexico’s vibrant waters, the Obama Administration has refused the help of the rest of the World.  It is incredulous.  Other Countries have been willing and ABLE to help us since day one, yet the Obama Administration has REFUSED their help.  Not because they could not help us.  Not because we were afraid of them.  Not because they wanted too much money.  Not because we thought we would not need their help, as the problem was soon to be solved.   WHY?  WHY?  70 Days into this disaster and NOW he is willing to accept help from the World Community?  Our friends?  Does anyone share the sense of utter outrage?  How much oil has entered the waters that could have been siphoned off?  How many lives are ruined that did not have to be?  How many animals are dead?  Beaches destroyed?  All Obama had to do was say Yes, please help us.  We need all the help we can get.  Really, tell me, as a Human Being, how do you say no?  How?

Impeach this imbecile.  If his Administration is fully engaged, what are we going to do when they are looking the other way?  China?  Russia?  Or Venezuala for that matter.  Hey Chavez you pirating thug commie punk thief, give us back our Oil Rigs, or after we freeze all of Venezuala’s assets it is WAR!

Obama is a Liar.  Arrogant.  A Disaster to freedom, to America and to mankind.

Impeach Obama for the high crimes associated with the Congressman Sestak Conspiracy if you want a legal excuse.   But really, Impeach Obama for his utter arrogance.  70 days is 69 days too late to accept help from anyone when the oil is hitting the water, so to speak.  Obama fails, failing, failed.

America can simply not afford another 70 days of Obama fully engaged.

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Nero did not wait 70 Days

How long did Nero play his fiddle?  Certainly his fingers were sore before 70 days elapsed.  God usually only asks for Forty Days for significant change in Man.  So WHO asks for 70 Days? Perhaps that is the question we should all ask.  Apparently neither madness nor God are the answer.
The Enviro-Global Warming- Muslim(women are good to use)- Man is Evil- Marxist- Anarchist(Anti-Christ)-PROGRESSIVE crowd(Satan) is 70 days an acceptable answer for them?  Yes Me Thinks, that is whom our Deceiver in Chief serves, and serves well.

No normal human being would have waited so long.  It is beyond reason and hope not to have asked for help before now. It is beyond mistake and bureaucracy.  It is planned villainy.  There will be nothing we can do to stop it.  It has happened.  IT now resides in the House that FAITH and HOPE built, the House of George Washington.  Thanks to our complacency, ignorance and corruption of spirit, and IT will remain until we as a people(American) decide to change what is important to us.

70 days is nothing in the scheme of things.  Man was enslaved for Millennia before the Christ was born, died and rose again.  We Christians may never be enslaved again.  Never.  But we can be killed and persecuted by the Royalists, Communists and Progressives.  It took Mankind and God 1700 Years after the resurrection of the Christ to create America, mankind’s greatest(ONLY) hope for Heaven on Earth.  How many failed Dictatorships, Monarchies, Facsist States, Communist States has Mankind suffered(suffers) before our forefathers created America to bring God’s Freedom to the enrichment of Man?  How sad that we are back to where we started before America was birthed.

70 Days is NOTHING for a patient MAN to wait.   It is surprising the Deceiver in Chief did not wait longer.  After all, what did we do while he waited the first 70 days?  NOTHING!  But then again, as the oil destroys animal and mankind habitats and perhaps creates a true Global Crisis(Not the FAKE ONE called Global Warming)maybe he is worried his minions(us) would ask him to play less golf.  No sense in being greedy, the Deceiver says, pigs get slaughtered.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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